The concept of a Bike Library is simple

A location or mobile unit with a fleet of bikes which are available for children and families to borrow for free!

These bikes can be used to participate in a range of activities to promote healthy living, social inclusion and to have fun! Activities may be as specific as a guided ride in the local community, a basic bike skills or maintenance course or simply just to give everyone the freedom to ride on a safe route with family and friends.

Each of our Bike Libraries is very different, find out more about your nearest one HERE

Donate a Bike

Donation Stations are situated all over Yorkshire purely for one purpose - for you to donate your old bike. There are no loans or activities on offer at these sites, they just allow us to take extra donations in areas where there may not be a Bike Library.

Even if they are broken or a little worse for wear, we will repair and recycle the bikes you donate, helping them find a new home in the community.* 

Donation Stations are popping up around Yorkshire all the time - for full details of your local drop off point visit our Locations page. If you can't see a local Donation Station straight away, keep checking - more and more will be added as the Bike Libraries project develops.

*Unfortunately we cannot accept bikes that have been painted for decorative purposes.



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