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Do you feel inspired to set up a Bike Library? Could you help out by running a Donation Station instead? Perhaps you'd like to volunteer at one of our locations?

Yorkshire Bank Bike Libraries have an ambition to give every child in Yorkshire free access to a bike and in order to do that, we need your help!

Become a Bike Library

Are you a not-for-profit agency in Yorkshire and interested in setting up a Bike Library? If so we want to hear from you!


Become a Donation Station

If you would like to get involved but are not able to set up a Bike Library, you could consider becoming a Donation Station instead. Donation Stations are essentially allocated drop-off points where members of the public can donate their old or unused bikes. Anyone can become a Donation Station, you just need:

• Space to securely store donated bikes
• A regular time-slot for people to drop off their bikes (this will be advertised on the website)

We will provide you with branding (a banner, postcards etc.) and you will also be publicised through the website

Once you have reached capacity, you can contact the Bike Library team who will arrange collection of the bikes for distribution across the network.

Want to get involved?

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